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Sparklelink has nearly 20 years of experience with Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and QuickBooks Training. We have a passion for assisting startups to large size businesses. As a foundation we believe in treating everyone equally with respect and love. We value how we started our firm and we value you as our client. We are proud to revamp our services and attain the needs of our individual and business community.

We understand what a business goes through from the initial start ups to established businesses needing a sprucing up. We have a keen ability in analyzing a business QuickBooks desktop and online files and can promptly pinpoint red flags and discrepancies. From there, as your team we perform a clean up to ensure the General Ledger, Products & Services, Customer, Payroll, Vendor, and Inventory are accurately setup to meet the business needs in their industry.

Mission Statement

Sparklelink’s mission is to share our passion by helping others with processes designed to empower your team. The statement reflects our determination to become an all-in-one business solution while providing consistent, positive, and secure service. It also represents our continued growth for the following components:

1. Improving processes – Sparklelink’s main concern and priority is to establish and structure processes for QuickBooks setup, Payroll submission, Bookkeeping Staffing, QuickBooks Training, Bookkeeping Catch Up and Upkeep, and Income Tax. We understand what can happen with prior accounting firms that haven’t provided a structured system in working as a team with your firm. Our goal is to continue striving to include an exclusive folder to submit paperwork by providing a team to assist with accounting work, administrative assistance, technical support, training, and achieving deadlines.

2. Communication – Sparklelink believes in communication and the foundation for a positive business relationship. As stated under processes, we provide an exclusive folder to each client for us to receive paperwork and organize our communication with one another. We also provide a company email for requests for reviewal and resolution.

3. Service Deliverance – Upon service rendered by Sparklelink, we ensure to meet deadlines, provide support, and complete within a timely matter.

Vision Statement

Sparklelink’s vision is to provide an all-in-one solution to our business and individual community and to use our expertise to enhance the customers’ experiences by creating new and unique ideas, executing elite expertise, delivering a high quality of service and building stronger customer satisfaction. As we continue growing and developing new services, we envision our company becoming a QuickBooks training facility for public and private purposes, preparing individual Income Tax returns, providing Payroll for household employers and businesses, and providing Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Staffing solutions.

Core Values

Sparklelink’s core values consist of continued growth, communication, trust, and empowering others. We encompass all we represent as professionals - our mission and our vision to become your go to firm while your business grows. Our culture is a family-oriented, positive, and supportive environment.